What do MNP and 3G mean to India ?

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The much awaited Mobile Number Portability(MNP) has finally been cleared by the Indian Department of Telecom. Sources say that MNP could be here by early next year. With the 3G proposal also making it's way through the red-tapes, what does it mean to us and the country ?

MNP allows you to change your network, without having to change the number. Isn't that amazing ?
For many it marks the end of a dissatisfied network experience and for the Industry it marks the beginning of better customer experience and disciplined service. In the first phase of implementation, mobile users of the four major metros in India can avail this facility if needed.
I opine that regional operators and operators with poor networks will have a tough time. What i like in the proposal is that it stresses the very old cliche ' Customer is King'. We will have the power to decide who stays in the market and who is to be shown the door !!
Another major boon to the country and the industry is the roll out of 3G services, which is also expected to happen early next year. 3G is the next generation technology ( for India ) that will allow you to send Video content, large files, in other words high amount of data through your phones. It will cause a sea change in the mobile world, just like what broadband did to internet. During the inception, it may have a few takers because of the requirement to buy 3G compatible mobiles but the trend is bound to change. 3G means a lot to the country as well. It can solve the spectrum crunch in rural areas and facilitate e-governance, says the govt.

With two breakthroughs in the offing, one wonders if these services will complement each other. In other words, can MNP facility be availed to shift your service from a Vodafone 2G service to an Airtel 3G service. I guess the present proposal facilitates one to shift between GSM and CDMA Operators, both basically being 2G technologies. Lets hope that the final draft of the MNP proposal holds a solution for this.
Whatever be the outcome, at the end of the day we will have better telephony around.



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