Charge Your iPod with an Onion !!

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Isn't that good news. All you might need is an onion and some Gatorade, to keep your iPod charged, in case you forget your USB cable on a long tour.
The biggest hoax in recent days, has been doing rounds in the youtube circle. The Video Hoax claims that an iPod could be charged with an onion previously immersed in an energy drink.
So i thought i should bring you the video hoax, which has notched up some 7 million views.

So if the above is a hoax, isn't their any other veggie process to keep your iPod or mp3 player singing ?
Of course !! there is a way. Visiting this link will show you how that could be done, nevertheless the experiment could damage your iPod or Mp3 Payer.


Src - The Hindu


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