6 Areas of Concern in Chrome

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My Google chrome Beta has been updated to Version and i didn't know until i visited this link.

Unlike Firefox, there is no update intimation of any sort in Chrome. If you can't wait for Chrome to get updated automatically, you have to click on the ' About Google Chrome' option in the wrench menu, to check for updates. Well that is not why i am saying Chrome isn't the best, there are a lot more issues which are yet to be addressed.

1 . Inadequate Privacy Settings:
When was the last time, you went incognito to secure your privacy ? Though the incognito feature gives you a history free browsing experience, people invariably forget to go incognito. Also when it comes to clearing browsing data, it has to been done manually each time. There is no such option as ' Clear Browsing data on Exit'. Leave alone the above mentioned FF feature, Chrome could have atleast incorporated the IE feature of Clearing History beyond 'n' number of days. Such options could have complemented the Incognito mode very well.

2. No Add ons or Themes:
If Chrome could support Add-ons, i definitely would not have been writing this review. I would have been downloading my favorite video streams from Video Portals, using the Realplayer 11 Video recorder Add-on. Also disappointing is the absence of support for plugins and Themes.
How long can we be looking at Chrome's plain design ? In the absence of the title bar, even a change in your OS theme doesn't affect Chrome.

3.Autocomplete option cannot be disabled:
I would call this the most irksome factor in Chrome. It combines the Search and Address Bar Functions into one bar, named the ' Omnibox'. And whenever you attempt to go to a url or try to search, lot of suggestions are thrown at you. These suggestions are both from your history and the web. Many would shrug at this option, because a combined autocomplete doesn't fit the bill.

4.Download blues:
The download tab is intergrated with the main browser window and is closed without intimation when the browser is closed. In FF the separate window for downloads, remains intact even when the browser is closed, so the need for an intimation doesn't arise. This is a major drawback in Chrome.

5.Forget Feed Preview:
In the first place there is nothing like 'Live Bookmarks', which is disappointing. Next is Feed previews. XML Site feeds are ridiculously displayed this way.

6.'Find in page' Flaws:
The 'Find in Page' option has serious flaws to it. It doesn't take text-boxes into account, while scouting for data. This will be a very big setback for bloggers in blogspot platform. They can never imagine editing their template with Google Chrome.

If all the above issues could be resolved, Chrome could be the best.

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