Why Windows?

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Windows, it always has been ‘THE OS’ for you. Ever wondered why? Some say its User friendly interface, availability of 3rd Party applications; Security Updates and Some best anti-virus applications for the surplus viruses (which of course come free!) are the reasons. Well, these reasons are favored only by a typical minority of Windows users. They never really use their computers. The majority however never knew why they chose windows! I have a few reasons to why the majority never knew or will know why they chose windows.

OEM and Big Brands: The main reason for such tremendous popularity of the Windows OS is the OEM and Brand vendors. These guys slip in windows with their Standard hardware as a standard OS. Microsoft has had a good control
over this market from the time of IBM PC Compatibles. IBM Compatibles are Computers which had similar hardware architecture to that of the IBM PCs and could support software running with IBM. At that time the two available consumer Operating Systems were from Microsoft and Apple. While Apple restricted their OS to their Macintosh, Microsoft made licensing possible for IBM PC Clones. They made themselves available to all the Vendors who could manufacture a personal Computer. This action of Microsoft, created a chain which never broke. Most of the computers manufactured were shipped with the Windows OS. This chain is quite difficult to break, could be impossible! A good reason to support my theory is Windows Vista. The vendors did not accept vista wholly due to its humongous resource hungry nature. At the time of its introduction, it was capable of running smoothly only with high-end systems of that time. The vendors withdrew their support for Vista as a result of which it was a complete disaster for Microsoft. Not to worry about Windows 7 slated to release next year.

Ignorance and Innocence: Yes it did, Ignorance and Innocence of yours did promote Windows! When you bought your PC you cared more about the hardware which is not a bad thing to do, but you never took the time to look at other options available for the Operating System. Though the list is short, the opponents are equally powerful and better equipped. Most users never knew Linux was as user-friendly as Windows, some didn’t know Linux had a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and was FREE. Nor Macintosh was available in big cheap boxes. Linux was never promoted except for a few geeks who wore the Linux tees. Yeah, innocence and ignorance is bliss, for Microsoft.

Its not yet over.

There is one good reason why you can choose open source OS.

Piracy: Have you ever seen any Ads from Microsoft begging you to buy their product, at least not in India. But instead we see TV Commercials, Hoardings, and Banners insisting you to use Genuine Microsoft Software. Last year BBC stated in their news that more than one third of software used in the business segment was pirated. And in nations excluding USA(@30%), piracy rates were more than 60% and one-third had it above 75%. So by default you would be exposed to pirated software especially windows, with or without your knowledge. Windows still is the most pirated operating system at 62%.

I ain’t telling you to shun windows, it is just that you can go open source than be a pirate unintentionally. (Of course Intentional piracy is an individual’s choice [:8]).


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